Best Online Slots Canada In Progressive Jackpot Category

At the end of the day, playing slots machine all boils down to one purpose and that is to win an enormous sum of money from your gaming experience. No matter how much you want to embellish it, saying that you are doing it for the fun and joy, there would always be that inner part of you, screaming that you want to get bigger prizes from your gameplay or your experience. This isn't something to be ashamed about as gambling is practically all for earning money. This is also exactly the reason why despite there being numerous best online casino slots Canada that many players could opt for, the category which has more frantic users all the time, are those who are playing progressive jackpots slots or big jackpot slots.

It is not really surprising that many people out there are turning their attention to either Las Vegas Progressive Jackpots, Jackpot slots free download or even flash-based jackpot games online. This is all due to the fact that progressives provide the most mind-boggling cash prizes to ever land the gambling industry. This is certainly far from being an overstatement because ever since its inception, there have already been numerous winners recorded in history, winning millions of dollars, pounds or euros just by spinning their reels.

How Does Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

Progressives are not only web-based, there are also Las Vegas Progressive jackpot games and there's a reason why they are called progressive and how they are able to provide such a whopping and staggering cash prize. The cash prize in this kind of game is basically something that's borne from the accumulation of bets on a slot machine or even a network of a betting establishment.

For instance, there could be a standalone progressive machine. When players play in the progressive option of the game, each bet of the player would be pooled into the machine as long as they are not getting the jackpot prize. This means that if a player doesn't get a jackpot and leaves, the jackpot would remain that way and would accumulate as more and more players bet.

This provides an endlessly increasing amount of prize for players. However, progressives that are standalone have very limited capabilities. What many would still prefer to play with our big jackpot slots or best online slots USA that work within a network. More often than not, land-based waging establishments build a network of progressive within their local area or even across diverse waging establishments.

The biggest progressive jackpot win could be received through online means. This is because progressive jackpots in the online world utilize a bigger platform or network of players. More players mean that more money could get accumulated in time, and this is something that's far from what land-based waging establishments could accomplish.

Best Online Slots Canada For Progressive Gaming

If you're going to play with progressive slot machines in Canada, it is best that you stick with titles that are extremely famous and well-known. This way, you can rest assured that you're placing your money on a jackpot prize that would truly change your life when you win. Some of these games are the following.

Mega Fortune

Net Entertainment remains to be one of the most popular casino software developers out there and among the list of games they offer, Mega Fortune is certainly one of the most lucrative. In the record, Mega Fortune has awarded up to $17 Million in cash prize. This is an amount that many out there would surely not hope to get from regular slots. However, in Mega Fortune, this kind of sum is indeed possible to get and in fact, multiple people have already become millionaires from winning in this game.

Mega Moolah

Microgaming, one of the most impressive casino software developer in the industry, certainly deserves its reputation as well, with Mega Moolah presenting cash prizes on par with Mega Fortune. The difference between the two lies on varieties of characteristics even their themes, as the former showcases an esteemed life of the rich while this one offers you an adventure across the African Wilderness. Of course, just like the Mega Fortune, this one also holds millions of dollars in cash prize and have also already had winners in the past.


If you are truly a slot lover, you should know the gravity or the importance of cash prize when it comes to gameplay. This is already a reason enough for you to shift your attention to playing Progressive jackpot slots as well, to make sure that each and every spin you make, counts for a chance of winning mind-boggling jackpots that are more than what typical games could provide you with.