Why People Choose a Free Roulette Game

While any Canadian who has ever spent real money while gambling and won real money in return knows that playing for real cash is exciting, there are also plenty of reasons to enjoy a free roulette game. Even the pros turn to these to practice from time to time, and for good reason.

European Roulette

Software: RTG
Paylines: NA
Reels: NA
Min. Bet: 5
Max. Bet: 100

Three Different Variations

For those who are new to this classic, there are three different variations from which to choose which include the American, the European, and the French versions. In the American variant , there is an additional double zero pocket which significantly increases the house's edge and lowers the user's chances of winning. This pocket is removed in the European and French variants, and the difference between these two is that while the former has no special rules, the latter allows for the La Partage rule in which individuals can take back half of their bets if the ball actually lands on the zero pocket.

Trying Them Out

Now, despite the fact that the American variant offers up a lower advantage, there are still some people who prefer it to the others. The only true way for an individual to determine which he or she enjoys the most is to try them all, but who really wants to spend a ton of money just to try them all out? This is why so many people choose to enjoy a free roulette game; they can simply give the wheel a few spins and see what happens without having to make any kind of investment at all. In fact, most of them are available in a no download format so there isn't even any need to install anything to a hard drive.

Betting Systems

Another great reason to enjoy a free roulette game is to try out a new betting system. Roulette is a game of luck, after all, and there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to impact the outcome of any spin. As such, all they can really do is try their best to manage their money and place smart bets along the way. Dozens of betting systems have been developed throughout the years, and some are more difficult than others. The opportunity to spin the wheel without ever having to make a deposit is a great way to learn them and perfect them prior to real-money sessions.

Honing Skills

Once someone has gotten used to the basic even money wagers and would like to move on to the riskier bets, it's important for this individual to learn the odds associated with the certain wagers that are available. While it's certainly okay to study an odds chart or even read books on the subject, there is no denying that the best way to do this is to simply jump in and start betting. Of course, not everyone has the money to throw away on unlikely straight bets, so using credits or play money instead can be helpful.

Just Having Fun

Finally, the last reason why an individual may choose a free roulette game is just because he or she wants to have some fun without worrying about financial loss. No matter how one chooses to look at it, this is a game that brings an air of excitement with it and winning a straight bet is often just as exciting whether using real or play money. There are also people in some jurisdictions who aren't legally allowed to gamble online, so play money presents a fantastic opportunity to enjoy casino titles they may not be able to otherwise.